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Welcome to the home page of Tallahassee Area Mensa!

Tallahassee Area Mensa a local chapter of the High IQ Society, American Mensa. The Tallahassee area serves Florida from the Apalachicola River east through Taylor County including part of Madison County and even a bit of Dixie County. Our area is also the only area in all of Florida, Region 10 of American Mensa, to include a portion of Georgia. For a full view of the area we cover, visit our map.

Interested in joining Mensa? The only qualification for membership is a score at or above the 98th percentile on an approved IQ test. There are two different ways you can join. One is by submitting evidence of scores from any of a number of approved intelligence tests that you have already taken, or you can take the Mensa Admission Test. For more information about qualifying to join, visit the Join Mensa page.

Robin's Roost - rest your feathers!

Apologies for the delay in getting this to you, apparently the gods of housing adventures were not finished with me. After enjoying a blissful month and 3 days of no house drama, I woke up to find the hot water intake to the washing machine had sprung a leak during the night and had been spraying water for an unknown number of hours. The laundry room, dining room/kitchen, and living room were all flooded. I got the water shut off and spent the day cleaning the mess. I think I used every towel in the house. A few pieces of furniture are ruined, and all of the flooring is ruined. So I am back in the joys of insurance adjusters, contractors, emptying rooms, and (eventually) reflooring. Right now I am enduring the unbelievably loud equipment that was brought in to dry out the remaining water that is under the flooring and potentially soaked up into the walls. The equipment will be here for 5-7 days. It is impossible to function with that noise out there, so I have moved my "office" where I work remotely each day into the bedroom. The irony entertains me that while the bedroom work was happening, I had to move out of the bedroom and into the living room. Now I have moved out of the living room and into the bedroom. Eventually I will have a whole house available again.

One positive of this equipment is that it generates a LOT of heat, so my central heat is not having to run as much because this equipment is heating the house really well. In fact, it is heating it SO well, I am able to open the door to the porch at night and let the excess heat go out onto the back porch and help keep it warm on these very cold nights. According to Punxsutawney Phil, we are in for 6 more weeks of this. That may be the case up north, but I think it unlikely that we'll still be seeing nights in the 20s by mid-March (at least I hope not!).

So, show of hands - are you planning on getting a vaccine? Show of hands - have you gotten one yet? Even better, have you gotten both of them yet? I did not make the age cut off and so far they have not opened it up to those of us who have not hit the magic 65 age yet. I will get mine as soon as I am eligible and can get one. Even the ones that may not be as effective against the new variants that are running around out there, I figure something is definitely better than nothing. I have friends who have gotten one or both of their vaccines, and 2 of my 4 sisters have gotten theirs. It is a national lesson in patience.

The day of the flood, the animals were very confused - breakfast was late, furniture was being moved all around, and there was water everywhere. For the most part, the dogs found a quiet place to watch the activity and stay out of the way. One of my cats, however, took great offense at getting her feet wet as she would travel from point A to point B. With each step she would shake off her paws and voice her displeasure with the situation. Somehow in her feline brain, she must have assumed this change in her world was the fault of the dogs because after things were mostly cleaned up and normalcy was restored, she went out of her way to terrorize the dogs, who were baffled by her acts of aggression towards them. This doesn't bode well for how she will react when the flooring is torn up and the house is filled with strangers again. The never-ending joys of home ownership and sharing our environments with 4-legged furry creatures. It sure keeps life interesting!

Stay safe out there, my friends. The virus isn't done with us yet.

Hope you can join us for the virtual dinner, we would love to see you!


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